2023 US Masters T10 League Betting Online on Parimatch

It’s not every day that you have a new T10 tournament being launched but it’s safe to say we’ve got a new one on our hands right now. Introducing the US Masters T10 League which will take place for the first time this year in Florida, USA. The US Masters T10 2023 dates and schedule is out and along with that, there’s a whole lot of excitement and anticipation too.

Nowadays, sports bettors don’t like to wager on match outcomes of 50-over contests or Test matches, because they have to wait a long time for the results to come. Now however, there’s T10 cricket betting which has allowed quick turnover and rolling of their funds and we’re going to talk about 2023 US Masters T10 betting online, on our highly recommended site Parimatch.

2023 US Masters T10 League Betting Online on Parimatch

US Masters T10 betting on Parimatch

The tournament is a short and sweet one scheduled between 18-27 Aug 2023 between which there will be a total of 26 T10 games being played. With 3 matches on the daily US Masters T10 schedule, there’s plenty of chances to earn money and keep your winnings rolling through the day and week. In order to start wagering on US Masters T10 betting markets, first create a Parimatch account.

Since we’re partners with Parimatch for many years now, there’s an exclusive Parimatch offer for you. Register through one of our links on this page and you will get a whopping 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit to the platform. You can use the added bonus money to wager on the available US Masters T10 betting markets, both for daily matches as well as the overall tournament winner market.

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For those who don’t know, Parimatch International has been around for years, across all of the major countries around the world. They’ve got betting knowledge second to none and it’s always the best experience for users interested in sports betting on this platform. If you’ve watched T10 cricket in the past, you can understand the game better and now use that knowledge to maximise your winnings online on Parimatch.

You can bet on the top batter and bowler in each innings, along with wagering on the total score in the 1st innings, and score in every over and ball as well. Additionally, you can bet on match winner outcomes, and the overall US Masters T10 winner market too. And once you win money, you can even wager some of it on the Parimatch Casino which offers a whole new world of opportunities as well.

How to bet online on US Masters T10?

  1. Register an account on Parimatch
  2. Navigate to their cricket betting section
  3. Find US Masters T10 betting markets; wager on them

T10 is the most exciting format there is in cricket and Parimatch will ensure that you have the most exciting time while betting in their platform. Last year, they even launched the Parimatch Exchange which means lower margins and hence more chances for you to earn money. Good luck and for similar cricket and sports betting news from around the world, keep reading ReadScoops.com

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