60 Seconds: Meet Giorgio Visioli, the Guildford lightweight who says he has “everything”

Age: 20

X/Twitter: @GiorgioVisioli

Nationality: English

From: Guildford

Stance: Southpaw

Height 5ft 8ins

Record: 1-0 (1) Division:


Next fight: “Eddie Hearn and my manager said they want me on the first show in January; it’s looking like the end of January.”

BN: When and why you started boxing:

GV: I actually started off at kickboxing at eight years old. I won all around the world, then made the transition to boxing and we are here today – signed with Eddie Hearn at Matchroom boxing

BN: Favourite all-time fighter:

GV: There’s a few, but one that stands out is Floyd Mayweather. I love the way he fights, hit and not get hit, and just love his work ethic to get where he is today.

BN: Best fight you’ve seen:

GV: Probably the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward fights.

BN: Personal career highlight:

GV: Winning two senior ABA titles at two different weights – 60kgs and 63.5kgs – also winning my pro debut by first round KO.

BN: Toughest opponent:

GV: I’ve fought top people, but I’d say Codie Smith as we fought twice in the amateurs; he beat me in the ABA youth final and I beat him in senior ABA final. We are both two technically very good fighters and it was tricky to suss each other out.

BN: Best and worst attributes as a boxer:

GV: I’m an all-round top boxer. I have everything; I have a lot of talent but I still work very hard to the best in the world. Sometimes I get a bit lazy with the stretching but I’m getting better.

BN: Training tip:

GV: I know it’s a common one but train double harder than your opponents. You won’t get success if you just rely on your talent, and that’s facts, that’s why I’m here today. Obviously with the help of my parents. And listen to the people you trust!

BN: Favourite meal/restaurant:

GV: You can’t beat a nice plate of pasta with bread made by the old man, I don’t really go out to restaurants when you have a family who can cook.

BN: Best friends in boxing:

GV: I’d say all my coaches and my team mates. I have one good mate in boxing, Tom Welland. He also a top prospect in the pros now.

BN: Which other athlete would you like to be?

GV: To be honest I wouldn’t want to be any other sportsman. I want to create my own legacy. But one sportsperson I really think is the ‘GOAT’ is Cristiano Ronaldo.

BN: Last film/TV show you saw:

GV: The best TV show ever is The Sopranos and that was the last one I watched.

BN: Have you ever been starstruck?

GV: When I won my first pro fight by KO in 80 seconds; didn’t expect it. I went in there to box not looking for the knockout and it came out of nowhere.

BN: Best advice received:

GV: I get given this advice all the time by family and coaches. They say just to work extremely hard to get where you want to be; it would be a waste of talent if you throw it away because you don’t want to put the work in.

BN: Worst rumour about yourself:  

GV: Haven’t really got one.

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