Alexis Sanchez wanted Manchester United exit after first training session

Alexis Sanchez has admitted he wanted to leave Manchester United to join arsenal after he trained with the club at Carrington. The Chilean striker had a hard time in Manchester United after he scored 5 goals for the red devil in 45 games. Man United paid a whooping £500,000-a-week to get him off the hands of arsenal and have Mkhitaryan move to the opposite club.


Sanchez’s move turned into a nightmare as he flopped at Old Trafford and joined Inter Milan in August 2019. After his move to Italy, Sanchez turned his temporary stay to permanent which became awkward for Ole Gunnar. Ole Gunnar has promised that Sanchez will come back to old Trafford and prove his doubters wrong. The promise won’t be happening anymore after his latest statement concerning his transfer.

In a video that was posted on Instagram, the 31-year-old admitted he wanted to tear up his contract at manchester united and return to Arsenal after his training session with the club. Alexis Sanchez discovered quickly that he won’t enjoy his stay in Manchester as he noticed the lack of unity in the club.

Alexis Sanchez Video comments

In the video Sanchez said, after the first training session, I noticed many things and went back home. I asked my agent if I could cancel the contract and move back to the arsenal. “They started laughing and I told them something was not right with me. The contract has been signed already.

He added, “in the match against Westham in September 2019, I wasn’t picked. “It had never happened to me before as a player. “I was bothered and I said it couldn’t be possible.

“Months went by and the feelings never died, we were not united as a team at that time.

“Journalists also made statements without knowing and it hurts. “Former players spoke about it but had no idea what was going on in the club, and they hurt me. “A player also depends on the environment that we need to be a family”. “We were not like that, and it showed on the field. If there was someone to be blamed, they will blame me.

“I do self-criticism and should have played better, but I was always blamed. Even if I played for some minutes.

Sanchez’s comments on twitter have triggered many engagement and reactions on social media.

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