Are spreadsheets dead or are still useful for sports betting?

Are spreadsheets dead or are still useful for sports betting?

I use spreadsheets for analysing bets and tracking records, including closing line value. Here are the 3 reasons why an average bettor who bets on sports should use them. Hope it’s helpful to someone.

You can track any bet you want

Until someone builds an app that will track:

  • all sports CLV and no vig CLV >> every single bet type,
  • every single bookmaker
  • all smaller leagues across the whole World,
  • including esports, a spreadsheet remains the best option.

Sports Betting Models

Some programming languages, like python are great, but in reality most of them are too complex for an average sports bettor.

  • But anyone can learn spreadsheets and build a model, algorithm, or a system that will work for him.

Better betting experience

  • modify, improve and adjust
  • put your ideas in action, which is not possible when following others
  • Easy to build and fully customizable.
  • Finally, being creative in this World is a much better experience, than just observing and tailing.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to read other other sports betting guides.

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