Black Stars of Ghana Look to Qualify to Round of 16 in Qatar

With Portugal securing their bid in the knockout round, the second spot is open for Ghana, South Korea and Uruguay. Ghana will qualify with a win vs. Uruguay regardless of the other group results. Uruguay’s 2-0 loss to Portugal puts Ghana in a great position heading into their final group match. If Ghana draws they will advance if Korea loses to Portugal. If Korea defeats Portugal, second place will come down to the goal difference between Ghana and South Korea. In that scenario, Ghana would be in good shape, and the Republic of Korea would have to score at least three goals or beat Portugal by one goal. If this scenario comes to fruition, the qualification comes down to a head-to-head between Ghana and South Korea – Ghana would advance because of their win against South Korea. The Black Stars look to carry on the tradition as the dark horse in Qatar.

Written by: Hussein Abdullahi


Published by: TGQ Inc.

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