Combat Content wrap-up ed. 5 – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

KombatKingz spelling bee

MMA podcast, KombatKingz, recently did a spelling bee challenge with none other than referee, Marc Goddard 🔥

This screams out so many blessings from a content perspective 🌟

💡Repurposeful across multiple channels (FB Reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts etc.) 🌟

💡Bitesize and engaging content 🌟

💡Content tailor made for inclusive purposes through captions 🌟

Repurpose. Engagement and inclusion. Three key themes to follow when creating content on ANY channel 💡

Proof that fans are you biggest advocates

A fan account produced this awesome thread about UFC lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev. Endorsing Khabib’s prodigy about his achievements 📝

Threads are an awesome way on X to summarise copy in a comprehensive format that can maximise retention rates in comparison to traditional blog posts. 

Therefore, think about when you next upload a blog post, you can repurpose it through a thread summarising the key points to optimise retention from your desired audience 💪🏾

How can I engage my community on YouTube 🤔

Elusive 2.0 is a analytical masterclass when it comes to combat sports, boxing, MMA, you name it. Always timely with analysing prospective fights or previous fights on a daily basis. 

It’s excellent to have a consistent upload schedule to ensure your fans know what to expect with your brand, however, how can you take this one step further 🤔

Maximise the comment section! It will greatly benefit your engagement by interacting with your audience and make them feel greatly valued through your content and more likely to convert as subscribers and followers on your channel. 

If you’re an upcoming creator, it’s easier to manage as well in comparison to being a well-established personality. Therefore, maximise this tip and keep your audience engaged 💡

Cage Titans know how TikTok works 

The algorithms across the ‘digisphere’ are unique as they come. Cage Titans get it like the back of their hand 🌟

When it comes to creating short form content, it’s a matter of understanding the habits of your consumers and orientating content around that, rather than purely focusing your content strategy on your niche 💡

For example, lads and lasses at sports events know about the drinking culture, especially in combat sports, particularly with shoey’s becoming more and more popular. Therefore, maximise that and focus on how it can benefit your brand 💡

Another transferable example can include when I go to football games, I notice quite a few fans start making paper aeroplanes and throw it around in the crowd, therefore, if you’re a fan-led account, record it, add some voiceovers and engaging audio and this will be appreciated by the TikTok algorithm 

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