Combat Content wrap-up – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

Your weekly edition of combat content lessons is here! This week’s edition features KSI, Jake Paul, HappyPunchPromo and the Gypsy Dosser.

KSI and Jake Paul are at quote wars on X

quote post from Jake Paul responding to KSI

Following Jake’s fight with Nate Diaz last weekend, the rivalry is far from settled between KSI and the problem child. 

As expected, they continue to mock each others legacies over X, the ideal platform where combat sports athletes talk trash to one another. 

However, what can we learn about this from a marketing perspective. Quote posts are optimal methods of scoring high engagement across other users feeds. 

Therefore, if you’re a brand/influencer/creator/athlete. Consider using quotes to repurpose your content. E.g. Quoting summaries from blog posts, sharing facts and figures relating to different topics, engaging with like-minded parties to optimise reach, awareness and engagement 💡

What can HappyPunchPromo teach us about repurposing content from other channels? 

Instagram post from HappyPunchPromo

In the crossover boxing scene, there’s been a lot of heat with regards to Salt Papi reportedly avoiding a bout with Slim Albaher 👀

Happy Punch are seen to be a leading voice in the crossover boxing scene from a fan perspective, to optimise the features available through IG, they’ve chosen a carousel format to share this recent news. An engaging thumbnail followed by a screenshot in a branded format to keep house style consistent 💡

When it comes to Instagram in particular, it’s crucial to keep house style and branding consistent as this is what allows your audience to recognise a brand at first glance 👀

Therefore, the lesson to take away is FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. 

Now that’s how you make an announcement! 

TikTok video announcement of PRIME becoming the new hydration partner of FC Bayern Munich

PRIME is giving the sports industry one hell of a sweet tooth! KSI and Logan Paul are taking the combat sports world by storm as its also recently mentioned that KSI and Logan Paul will both be competing on the Misfits Manchester card this October! 🔥

What made this promo video so awesome is the timing. It also happens to be announced that Harry Kane has agreed a deal in principle to join Bayern Munchen in the upcoming season, and guess what, PRIME has just been announced as the clubs new hydration sponsor. 

Therefore, when it comes to producing content, make sure you follow the following 👇🏾

👉🏾 keep it entertaining

👉🏾 keep it eye catching

👉🏾 stay in tact with wider trends 

How can you attempt to maximise engagement on YouTube? 

YouTube video from Gypsy Dosser promoting the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight

“Gypsy Dosser” made a fight compilation video theming the trash talk moments between Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz! 

There were plenty of funny moments without question, however, a little something that stood out was the account posing a question in the comments 💡

If you’re starting out as a creator or a brand, it’s crucial to optimise engagement with your audience and this is what Gypsy dosser is doing very well! 

Enough from me, is there anything that I’ve missed out?

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