crypto sports betting 101

Crypto Sports Betting 101: How to place your bet on your favorite team

Football season is upon us and anyone who works in any kind of corporate environment can attest to the water cooler jokes that currently rule the halls. The latest office romance, review of the latest blockbuster, and school talk have all been replaced with talk about your favorite teams, players, and most importantly, the current standings of the Office Fantasy Football League.

Fantasy Football and March Madness With trips to Las Vegas so popular in recent years, it’s no wonder legalized crypto sports betting has exploded across the country. State wagering commissions are gradually working with tribal governments and mobile Bitcoin sportsbooks to legalize sports betting in America.

crypto sports betting 101

Crypto Sportsbook 101

Many bettors say soccer is most interesting because there are so many ways to bet on the game. For fantasy football players, fantasy football is also a big hit. If you’re a bit younger, cybersports might be your thing.

A moneyline bet is basically a bet on which team will win. Other common bets are spreads (difference between team endpoints) and parlays (requiring a series of wins over multiple games).

One of the easiest but least known ways to get into sports betting is to bet on who the most valuable NFL player of the year will be. It’s a fun way to make small bets that you can track throughout the season.

Another popular method is betting on the upcoming Superbowl winner; both the NFL MVP and Superbowl winner are called futures wagers. You can spread bets between teams with lower odds of winning the Superbowl (and higher potential winnings) and teams with better odds. Dividing $1000 among the 10 teams you feel most likely to win the Superbowl could earn you anywhere between $1200 and $3000.

In football and basketball, it’s common to bet on point spread notes. In baseball and hockey, betting on the winning team is more common.

First-time betting with crypto?

If it’s your first time betting, visit a bookmaker earlier in the week (pregame) when support is less clogged. Talk to the sportsbook support, who gladly answer any questions and walk you through the different terminology and options you have. You can make a bet then, consider your options, and return on the day of a bigger event. The support will guide you in the right direction and can help you get the crypto you need.

You don’t need big stakes to enjoy the thrill of sports betting. All you need is a minimum of $5. The interesting part is splitting the $5 across multiple games to make combinations. All selected games must be won for the combination to be paid. There are many methods to crypto sports betting such as value betting or using spreadsheets. Read more about this on our sports betting guides, helping you win big with sports betting.

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