England vs Australia second Test, Day two series highlights, results and latest news; Nathan Lyon suffers calf injury; Steve Smith scores century; Cam Green no ball issues

Oh no, this is not good for Australia, Nathan Lyon has come up hobbling after chasing a ball in the outfield.

Australia’s sole wicket-taker today looks to have pinged his right calf and can barely walk.

He’s eventually helped off the ground by a trainer and looks absolutely despondent.

“He’s struggling here. Whether he’s cramped or tweaked a calf,” says former England skipper Nasser Hussain on commentary.

“Remember, a 100 consecutive Test matches, the first bowler to do that. This doesn’t look good.

“This could be a big moment in the Test match, in the series. He is a major, major man in this attack. He is pivotal in this attack.”

“He is in pain. It doesn’t look like cramp,” fellow England great Andrew Strauss adds.

“With a cramp you’re looking to stretch out that muscle. It looks like he’s struggling big time. That is not a good sight if you’re an Australian supporter.

“You can see he’s walking almost on the side of his foot there, so that looks like a significant calf injury to me.

“That’s really hard to watch. It really is an awful sight. You can tell from the look on his face, the enormity of it is really settling in for him there. Awful scenes.”

“Having been the recipient of a couple of calf pops, and they are pops because the muscle just feels like it pops, it’s a problem,” Kevin Pietersen says.

“Just the way he was walking there, it definitely wasn’t cramp. He was walking on the side of his foot and trying to protect that calf.

“That’s the series over if it’s a pop for Nathan Lyon.”

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