Fear of Injury in Sports

In sports getting injured is run of a mill. Many athletes during the play fear injury and re injury due to which players perform less than the potential they carry. After recovering from threatening injury the terror of getting injured and hit on the same spot prevails that adversely affects the performance of the players. In order to overcome this fear they must train in a way to overcome their vulnerabilities. Moreover they should focus on their supremacy and take its advantage in performance. Another problem which fear of injury leads to is “stress”. Stress causes distraction and players barely maintain their concentration in training.

 When these athletes make a come back to the field after the recovery they find themselves in a strict competition. Here strikes another fear of getting dropped off the team due to low level of fitness. Which gives a rise to self doubt and reduces the amount of confidence. In addition players can be scared of the fact that they would not achieve the fitness levels they had before the injury as they already feel far behind other teammates. They also fear their performance right after the recovery. Furthermore, immense cloud of public responses surrounds the players containing cheering and depressing comments, which directly affects the mental attitude of them. Positive remarks motivate the athletes to work harder while negative ones discourage them and put them in stressful conditions. All this first handedly affect the career of players.

In order to stay determined and consistent and to get over all the negative reviews and thoughts players must develop vital stress-relieving rituals like deep breathing, meditation and reading motivational books. They need to believe themselves and train day and night and keep working on the weak areas and overpower their deficiencies. Consistent hard work always pay off and certainly will lead towards topping performance in the end.

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