How can this benefit my brand? – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

In this edition of ‘How can this benefit my brand?’ I’ve looked into how combat sports athletes can act as the lead for illustrating dodgy content, transferable lessons to take away from tennis, and optimising fan behaviours through content creation alongside how to maximise impact through YouTube SEO.

Be the lead for making your audience aware of “deep fake content”

X post promoting a deep fake clip from the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis face-off

Ahead of #KSIFury on the 14th of October, none other than Logan Paul & Dillon Danis are anticipated to compete in a co-main crossover boxing event.

Press conference clips have been circulating all over X of Dillon Danis being manipulated into a deep fake endorsing Logan & KSIs Prime hydration beverage.

AI content certainly has its benefits with optimising engagement and reach; it’s obvious from the analytics from this video achieving over 33m impressions.

The content can easily become exploitable as many people will fall for it, and it can hurt brand identity.

Therefore, if you’re a combat sports athlete, marketer or brand account, make it your job to educate your fan base about spotting scam-worthy, fake and manipulative content. This will help pay dividends through building authentic relationships with your audience on a long-term basis.

There’s no harm in merging different sports together 

TikTok video from SportsCenter NEXT promoting a girl playing tennis

The SportsCenter NEXT TikTok account recently posted a short clip of a talented young girl performing a tennis drill.

The video is receiving multiple positive endorsements of the youngster’s ability, and it could retain some of the audience to pay attention to her story in the future, considering she’s tagged in the post.

What works well with the video is that you’ve got a merge of different sports. A girl playing tennis, a basketball hoop and a short-sided football goal

If you’re a combat sports athlete, brand or marketer, this screams brand awareness and engagement to merge your content ideas into different sports.

This can be transferable through the following.

  • Kickboxing training while using a football during the intervention
  • Receiving boxing body shots every time you miss a hoop or shooting a basketball
  • Using tennis-based interventions to practice head movement and blocking drills in MMA

Each of these ideas is not only innovative but they expand your brand appeal to audiences that are away from combat sports, meaning you’ve got a new audience to capitalise on.

Combat sports athletes, value content outside of your niche

Instagram Reel from ESPN MMA promoting fan-led content

Regarding athlete branding through Instagram Reels, ESPN MMA knows what they’re doing.

  • 470+ comments
  • 6k DMs

Despite combat sports being a sport, it’s a global entertainment business at the end of the day. For that reason, lead your content strategy through the fan habits of your demographic.

In this case, ESPN has focused on utilising short-form interview questions surrounding some athletes’ favourite music artists, food, other sports stars, etc.

When building your personal brand, ensure that you have an open approach to expressing your authentic personality online to grow your audience, which can be monetised and viewed as a community.

DAZN Boxing execute the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis face-off to a tee

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis face-off YouTube upload via DAZN Boxing

Regarding the promotion ahead of #KSIFury, it’s certainly been one to remember. Just for you guys, I did a marketing analysis on my X feed, providing lots of juicy insights into how YOU can optimise your brand across YouTube marketing.

X thread by Ash Sports Media analysing DAZN Boxing’s upload of the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis face-off

To summarise, the following are the core lessons to take away about what DAZN Boxing did.

  • Identify which version of marketing works best for your personal brand
  • To optimise YouTube SEO, pay attention to specific details in descriptions and keywords
  • Think beyond your niche when producing content

That’s enough from me, if I’ve missed anything out, feel free to let me know 💡

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