How can this benefit my brand? – Sharing lessons sports professionals can learn through sports content

It is exactly the same as combat content wrap-up; however, I’ve just made the title more relevant to what you can expect to help you. This week, we’re going to explore the following.

  • How to optimise voice-orientated content
  • The importance of colour codes contributing towards brand recognition
  • The leverage AI can make towards your online profile
  • Creative ways to repurpose press conference content

Now, let’s get into it!

🌟Don’t look past voice notes 🌀

Instagram reel from Ed Bowers

One of the best sports industry masterminds in the game, Ed Bowers, recently released a podcast this week and simply released a reel that had a clip of his conversation with Muhammed Turkmen 🔊

The conversation alone is very engaging; however, what else caught my eye was the graphic had a timer until the end of the conversation, captions to accompany it and a call-to-action in the post caption ✔️✔️✔️

Ultimately, these are 3 core themes that social media algorithms appreciate. Making your content as inclusive as possible 🌟💡

Good job, Ed 👏🏾

What can MMAFighting teach us about the importance colour schemes have in contributing towards branding?

X post from MMA Fighting

As you might see, the logo for MMA Fighting consists of black and yellow for its colour codes ⚫🟡

Then, when it comes to creating content to highlight stuff going on in MMA, they follow this with meticulous attention to detail 👀

The point is that colour codes play a crucial role in brand recognition. Therefore, whether you’re a fighter, brand or creator, ensure you stay consistent with colour coding as many pieces of content as possible when producing digital. It makes a difference to a user to stop scrolling past your hard work 💡

Take advantage of AI voiceovers

TikTok reel from futcappcut

This made me laugh big time 🤣 45.4k likes, 8.1k saves, and 2.3k shares; says a lot for leverage. 

However, from a marketing lens, driving your content through AI makes so much sense, especially scripted voiceovers 🌀

Many tools exist now that allow you to make AI voiceovers. Therefore, use it to grow your brand. 

In context, if you are a fighter and you have an event coming up, use AI voiceovers to accompany your trash talk to your opponent or for some of your heroes to advocate in your own corner 🌟💡

It makes a lot of sense; it drives traction, entertainment and is innovative 💡

How to get creative with press conferences 🤔

YouTube video from True Geordie

True Geordie is one of the fans’ leading voices regarding opinion expressions across the combat sports scene. Most recently, the #KSIFury fight caused a lot of noise online 🔊

When Geordie was reacting to the pressa, he was also giving scorecards to each of the fighters depending on their trash talk 👀

This is quite an innovative way to generate traction online through combat sport; considering trash talk is such a big selling point, use it to your advantage wherever possible 🌟

When it comes to the event, even setting up the likes of a scoring system and comparing it to how things will evolve in the actual fight is something that you can work on 💡

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