Intel XeSS Technology Has Been Incorporated in 70+ Games

Intel XeSS entered late into the race with AMD’s FSR and NVIDIA’s DLSS. While the rivals released their AIs in 2019 and 2021, respectively, Intel only entered in 2022. However, this hasn’t stopped their progress—and it’s skyrocketed.

What is Intel XeSS?

For the short and sweet explanation, it’s an upscaling AI that uses existing frames combined with machine learning. This allows you to run a game at a lower resolution, which Intel XeSS upscales to your native resolution. It can also enable your 1080P rig to run at 4k without requiring the usual hardware to run at 4k.

Intel XeSS Technology has been Incorporated in 70+ games
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Behind but it’s coming back

Intel XeSS may have started late, but as the tweet from Intel says, they’ve provided support to more than 70 games. Not only that, but they’ll continue to provide support in the coming years. Therefore, be on the lookout for which games they’ll add XeSS to.

Supporting massive titles like Call of Duty, Hitman 3, Dying Light 2, and others is great for gamers. The amount of options between DLSS, FSR, and XeSS gives consumers the freedom of choice. However, only FSR and XeSS are usable on other brands’ graphics cards. DLSS uses RTX cards and nothing else.

Fans also note how XeSS is one year younger but is noticeably better than AMD’s FSR.

Intel XeSS’ History

This technology was initially meant only to be supported for Intel’s entry into the graphics card market—the Intel Arc series.

However, it turns out that any card that supports DP4a is applicable. The technical jargon might confuse most of the readers. Here’s a list of the video cards that support it.

  • NVIDIA’s 1xxx and above cards
  • Intel’s own Alchemist GPU line
  • Intel’s 11th generation CPU integrated graphics cards
  • AMD’s RX 6xxxx and above cards

Have you tried Intel’s XeSS? Starfield apparently doesn’t support XeSS and DLSS, which worries fans.

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