LeBron James is ‘pissed’ with Michael Malone and will use it as motivation for next season

LeBron James is “pissed” with Nuggets head coach Michael Malone, per Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson.

According to the report, James’ frustration toward Malone stems from his comments about how the Lakers receive too much media attention. Furthermore, the four-time champion feels as if Malone took gratuitous jabs at him throughout their championship run.

Robinson also noted that James will be using the 51-year-old’s impudent remarks as motivation for next season. Additionally, the 38-year-old’s comments about retiring were merely spur-of-the-moment.

 “In conversations with people…I can tell you that LeBron was very pissed with what Michael Malone said about him,” Robinson said. “And from folks I have spoken with, that he is one of the many motivators going into this season.

Also, the conversation about him retiring was in the moment, and after playing the game and losing, he was very frustrated. But from folks that I have spoken with within the Lakers organization and those who know, they shared with me that you will see LeBron back in the fall and a very motivated LeBron going into the season. So Michael Malone is on his dartboard.”

Malone makes fun of James

One salient remark that caught James’ attention was when Malone joked about retiring. While on The Pat McAfee Show, the coach poked fun at the four-time MVP’s cryptic retirement comments he made following their Western Conference Finals loss to the Nuggets.

“Speaking of the Lakers, I just want you guys to know — this is breaking news — I’m thinking about retiring so don’t tell anybody,” Malone said.

This prompted James to respond on his Instagram. He questioned why he was on Malone’s mind, despite Denver just winning the championship. Moreover, James called Malone lame.

“In Europe for the last past few weeks minding my business and I hear I’m on your mind that much huh???,” James said on Instagram. “I mean I guess I see why. But Wave the flag on these lames!! Please make being player cool again cause the lame machine is at an all-time high. Enjoy your light but just know I’m the SUN. I stay on forever!”

Malone and the Nuggest defeated James and the Lakers in four games in the Western Conference Finals. Then, they gentlemen swept the Heat to win the title.

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