Skip Bayless CHECKED By Bosses At Fox After Shannon Sharpe Joins ESPN!

Skip Bayless gets checked by bosses at fox, Fox Ready To Pull The Plug On Undisputed?! It’s reported fox is upset with Skip bayless handpicked cohost lineup. Richard Sherman, lil Wayne and Rachel Nichols is not enough for fox sports undisputed after Shannon sharpe buyout. #selftalknews #skipbayless #undisputed #nbanews #stephenasmith #viral #youtubeshorts #youtube #shortsfeed #shortsvideo #shorts #basketball #shannonsharpe #firsttake #foxsports

0:00 skip bayless upsets fox sports

0:10 lil Wayne replace Shannon sharpe

0:15 Richard Sherman undisputed skip bayless

0:20 Rachel Nichols joins undisputed

0:30 skip and Shannon breakup

1:01 Richard Sherman vs Skip bayless

2:04 Richard Sherman joins undisputed

2:33 Marcellus Wiley skip bayless co host

3:28 Skip bayless fox unhappy with new co host

3:50 fs1 undisputed fox unhappy with skip bayless news co host

Marcellus Wiley full video –


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