Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Ben Simmons’ Promises

Ben Simmons #10 of the Brooklyn Nets reacts during the game against the Philadelphia 76ers in the second quarter at the Wells Fargo Center on November 22, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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At one point in time, Ben Simmons was considered to be one of the best players in the NBA and part of a dynamic duo with Joel Embiid for the Philadelphia 76ers that might go on to win multiple championships.

It seemed as though Simmons was making a name for himself as an elite defender and a floor general for the 76ers until he fell apart in the NBA playoffs one year, and everything came crashing down.

Simmons forced his way out of Philadelphia and now is with the Brooklyn Nets, who don’t even seem to be embracing him as one of their star players, along with Mikal Bridges, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Cam Johnson.

The future looks bleak, to say the least, for Simmons, as there’s no telling what will happen with the former No. 1 overall pick in Brooklyn.

However, Simmons recently came out and said that he’s highly motivated moving forward and that he’s not the same guy that he was last year, which is something that needs to be seen rather than said.

Unsurprisingly, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN wasn’t all that pleased with Simmons’ recent comments and proceeded to rip him apart in the following rant.

Much like every other basketball fan, especially fans of the Nets, Smith wants less talk from Simmons and more action.

Simmons has proven nothing since he left the 76ers, and it’s getting to the point where people are questioning whether he’s even an NBA player anymore and deserving of the massive contract he has with the team.

It will be make-or-break for Simmons in 2023-24, as his job may very well be on the line in Brooklyn.

Stephen A. Smith Has Brutal Message For Ben Simmons

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