Steve Politi at The Masters

But look, everyone has ideas. Almost every reporter has been at a game – big or small – and said “Huh, you know what would make a great story idea?” or “Someone should do a column on …” It takes a certain confidence and mindset to actually do something with those ideas. Steve talked about this: 

In the industry, there is a reluctance to sometimes break out of that box. You get in a groove where you’re at the Super Bowl and they give you the availability schedule and you know who you’re gonna talk to on a certain day, you know what the big topics are, it’s hard to say ‘Wait a minute, why am I going to write the 47th best Tom Brady column this week?

Also, the columns are impeccably reported.

That’s the secret to these columns. Anyone can come up with the idea to eat nothing but pimento cheese sandwiches for 24 hours. And there are some people who would do so and write it up. 

But Steve backs these irreverent and fun ideas with real reporting. The sandwich column quotes 12 different people. The best columns always spring from the best reporting, and Steve’s are no different. 

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