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Updated 17 Aug 2023 1:32 pm:

If you’re using the same ball as a tour pro, you may be wasting money and harming your game…

Picking the best golf balls for beginners and high handicappers isn’t easy, because no two high-handicap golfers are the same. Some have slow swings, others fast. Some want a soft feel from their golf ball, while others aren’t fussed about the feel and just want the most distance possible. Some want to be able to generate lots of spin on their short shots, while others want a ball that spins as little as possible to minimise their hooks and slices. 

And budget is a factor, as many beginners and high handicappers expect to lose a few balls every round, so might not want to be shelling out £50+ per dozen.

All that being said, there are certain golf balls that deserve particular consideration for beginner and high-handicap golfers.

TaylorMade Distance+

At just £17.99 per dozen, the TaylorMade Distance+ is great value for money, especially if you typically lose a few golf balls every time you play.

As the name would suggest, the Distance+ is designed to provide maximum yardage, particularly off the tee.

The alignment aid on the side is great for putting, helping you aim the ball at your target line and ensure you strike it with a square putter face.

Callaway ERC Soft

The ERC Soft features a “High Energy Core” designed to increase ball speed from tee to green, and the result is impressive distances throughout the bag.

A clever cover design creates a high launch and low spin with the longer clubs, with a lovely soft feel.

Callaway’s innovative Triple Track alignment can really help you hole more putts and help reduce those costly three-jabs.

Titleist Velocity

The Velocity golf ball has always been popular with club golfers and Titleist has continued to enhance and improve it with each new version.

It produces high flight and low spin on long game shots, a recipe for maximum distance, coupled with a relatively soft feel on and around the greens.

As well as the standard white, the Titleist Velocity is available in highly visible matte orange, matte green and matte blue options.

Srixon AD333

One of the go-to balls for club golfers, it’s not uncommon to find players who fell in love with the Srixon AD333 as beginners and stuck with it as their game progressed through to mid and even low handicaps. That’s because the performance, feel and durability are all faultless, at a price that’s significantly lower than premium golf balls.

Bridgestone e6

The e6 has been around since 2005 but Bridgestone have made numerous tweaks since then to enhance performance and feel.

Distance has been boosted thanks to the faster compression created by a larger offset core, while the surly cover has been made thinner, which offers greater control. Beginners and high handicappers often struggle to generate spin on short shots but the Bridgestone e6 will help you get grab on the green.

At a little over £20 per dozen, the e6 represents excellent value for money and the feel matches that of more expensive golf balls.

Vice Drive

Vice only sell direct-to-consumer, cutting costs on retail space and middlemen, enabling them to pass those savings on to the customer.

The Vice Drive features a Soft Energy Speed Core to maximise distance, while the 2-piece construction performs decently in feel, control, and durability.

With Vice, the more you buy, the more you save, so if you love the Vice Drive you can stock up on five dozen at a fantastic price point.

Wilson Duo Soft+

The Wilson Duo Soft+ is extremely soft, with just a 35 compression. It’s designed to give slower swingers fantastic distance and feel.

It’s great value for money, but don’t expect as much spin as you get from some golf balls.

TaylorMade Soft Response

A low 35 compression provides a very soft feel while maximising energy transfer and rebound at impact, helping moderate swing speed players get maximum distance.

A shallower than normal U-shaped dimple pattern promotes reduced drag and increased lift, helping the ball stay in the air longer and carry further.

The soft ionomer cover provides a nice greenside feel, while also offering great durability.

The Soft Response is an excellent golf ball, although you can expect to pay a little more for it than many of the balls in this list.

Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft has been one of the most popular balls among amateur golfers for many years and the latest version offers a softer feel and more distance than ever before.

The core is designed to create high launch and low spin with longer clubs, while the cover boosts distance, short-game control, and outstanding feel.

There’s a Supersoft Max version available, which is 3% larger than the standard model. The extra size is designed to boost confidence and help golfers who struggle to launch their ball off the deck.

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