Twitter bashes Cam Green’s lazy running as he runs himself out despite crossing crease

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In cricket, fundamentals hold immense significance, and when players neglect these basics, it often leads to adverse consequences. Such an incident transpired, resulting in the dismissal of Green, as he failed to adhere to the practice of grounding his bat while running between the wickets.

During the second ODI clash between India and Australia, the visitors found themselves facing a challenging situation while chasing a target. Cameron Green entered the crease with the intent to contribute to his team’s run-scoring efforts. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he fell victim to a critical error in the basics of the game, losing his wicket on the last ball of the 20th over.

Green’s dismissal was marked by a lackadaisical error as he failed to ground his bat properly. When Thakur bowled a good-length delivery, Abbott attempted a slog. The ball rolled towards the wicketkeeper, prompting Green to call for a quick single. Although Green managed to beat the throw, he lazily plonked his bat down, and it was still in the air when the zing bails were dislodged. The third umpire reviewed the decision, and after a couple of looks, confirmed Green’s run-out. It was a schoolboy error that cost Green his wicket which became a buzz into the world of Twitter. 

He should have grounded that!

How can he mess up this bad today!

He will not sleep today!

All India’s luck going on!


Hard luck Green!

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