W3Fit heads to the US with new event slated for September 2024

By Liz Terry    07 Sep 2023

The We Work Well team is launching a US fitness event (L/R) Hugo, Zarb Jenkins, Helmstetter and Close / We Work Well

We Work Well, organiser of hosted buyer events, has announced it will launch into the US in 2024 with an event called W3Fit North America.

Held from 8-11 September at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa in San Diego, the event will mirror W3Fit EMEA, which launched in 2021, helmed by co-founder, industry veteran David Zarb Jenkins.

We Work Well was established in 2019 by Monica Helmstetter and Lucy Hugo and is working to reinvent the model for hosted buyer events by integrating wellness into the attendee experience, with the addition of things such as power breaks, exercise and healthy food options.

The company originally started out in the spa and wellness industry with the W3Spa events that include W3Fit EMEA (11-14 June 2023) and the upcoming W3Spa North America at Four Seasons Westlake Village California which will happen from 5-8 November this year, before extending into the health and fitness sector.

W3Fit EMEA will take place from 10 – 13 October this year at the Le Meridien Lav in Split, Croatia.

“Much like its European counterpart, W3Fit North America will represent the next generation of hosted buyer events, with wellness at its core,” said Helmstetter.

“The event will bring together US health club operators and industry suppliers for scheduled one-on-one meetings, community, and purpose,” she explained.

Helmstetter and Hugo believe the timing is right to launch W3Fit North America, having tracked emerging trends, advancements in technology and continuous innovation in the health and wellness sectors.

“The convergence of fitness and wellness is reshaping gyms and health clubs and hosting an event such as W3Fit North America while the market is alive with these possibilities is exciting for our team and creates opportunities for our customers,” said Hugo.

“Right from the start, we’ve been mindful of creating an event platform that could be adapted to the evolving needs of any vertical market it enters,” she told HCM.

Cameron Close, global wellness director at We Work Well, has been appointed event director.

His industry experience includes seven years at Orangetheory Fitness, where he was head of national coaching, overseeing the education of over 600 coaches.

Close said: “I’m thrilled to advance our commitment to delivering innovative programmes that allow attendees to grow their businesses, all while prioritising their own health and wellbeing.”

Find out more at www.weworkwellevents.com.

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