What Is Cybersport Betting, and Why You Should Care

What Is Cybersport Betting, and Why You Should Care

It was only a few years ago that cybersport became an official sport. In such a short period of time, the new field has made a real breakthrough in its development. Today eSports battles attract not only teenagers, but also adults who make big money from it. Everyone dreams of joining the best eSports team. After all, major cybersport tournaments are worth millions and globally recognized.
E-Sports is a video game competition, a sport in which players develop and train their mental and physical skills. Young players form teams and compete for huge prizes. Cybersports players earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, including sponsorship fees and prize money, and even ordinary people can earn money from esports.
Event organizers, agents, economists, extras, developers, sales his directors, journalists, PR managers, pro gamers and many more. If you love esports, there are many ways to leave your mark.

What are the main types of Cybersport betting?

In any type of cybersport, the main bet is on the game winner. In additional listings, the type of result depends on the specifics of his eSports discipline. For example:

  • Map or Round Results.How to choose the best bookmakers for betting?
  • Long-term tournament winners.
  • Team game results in a series of games.
  • First Kill;
  • Odd or Even;
  • Total Over/Under, Asian Round Handicap.
  • The result of a player.
  • Wins in the first round or map.
  • Teams to get a total of 5, 10, 15, or 20 kills.
  • Player kills a specific character that receives a prize.
  • Destruction of major enemy structures.
  • Number of rounds in combat, etc.

What are the most commonly used strategies in cybersports betting?

Some common strategies can also help you get your cybersport bets right.
Money wagered on opposite outcomes of the same game at different bookmakers, he wins one of the bets and covers the loss of the second. Select cybersporting events with odds greater than 2.0 for W1 and W2.

Stay tuned for updates on the game and the emergence of new and powerful players in the team. Analysts can ignore these points and place good odds on the outcome. If you think your predictions are correct, bet on Esports.
Game-savvy participants can use these facts to estimate each team’s chances of winning.
Cybersport betting training is not available. You should be able to analyze esports statistics, check your conclusions against predictions given on blogs and forums, and rate players. The ability to play at least one cybersport game yourself will help you understand the nuances of cybersport games.

How to choose the best sportsbook for Cybersport betting?

Both legal and offshore bookmakers and E-Sports exchanges allow you to bet on E-Sports. We recommend choosing a legitimate gambling organization. To choose the right bookmaker for cyber sports gambling, evaluate its trustworthyness, offer size and margin size.

BC.game is the leader in terms of odds. An international bookmaker gives the highest odds on the outcomes of competitions in esports and takes the smallest commission (2-4%). BC.game offers betting on most of the Cybersport events. The list includes Major and Minor cybersport matches.

Dexsport is a legal bookmaker. It gives good odds on esports and takes a low commission (4-6%). The selection of matches is decent, there is a good additional list for Prematch and Live events. Dexsport is the first Web3 decentralized sportsbook and has a great selection of cybersports.

Cloudbet is a legal bookmaker. A separate section for e-sports has been created. The bookmaker gives a good line of esports matches from different disciplines.

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